Sarah & Daniel – Houmas house plantation wedding

Houmas house weddingSarah and Daniel’s wedding was a beautiful and magical event, to say the least. I liked working with this couple right off the bat because they are super interesting people. Photographing them was particularly fun because of their sense of fashion. For example, Sarah has an intricate sleeve of tattoos, purple hair, and her dress had little turquoise feathers nestled within it. Their easy-going personalities made the day all the better. They got ready in the cottages at Houmas House, a gorgeous Inn on the property of the plantation by the same name. While Sarah and her bridesmaids got ready with hair and makeup, Daniel and his family relaxed with a cocktail in preparation for the ceremony to come. Also at Houmas House Plantation, Sarah and Daniel’s ceremony was an idyllic outdoor affair. Daniel’s face as he watched Sarah come down the aisle was absolutely priceless. Without an enormous amount of guests distracting from the main attraction, their ceremony was poignant and special. After the ceremony we got some gorgeous portraits around the property of the plantation under the towering oak trees and vine-laden trellis.
Thank you so much, Sarah and Daniel, for a wonderful evening. I wish you both the best of luck!

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Houmas house wedding - New Orleans

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