Megan + Brent – French Quarter Engagement session

French Quarter Engagement sessionMegan and Brent are a super sweet pair. They’re so much fun and totally up for anything. We had a blast combing through the French Quarter looking for cool spots to take photos in. I like these two especially because they have such easy-going personalities. They’re so enamored with one another that it was like the whole day was one big rolling laugh taking us from one spot to the next. Megan and Brent are from Canada, and were really excited about the aesthetic of New Orleans. The French Quarter, with all of its charm and mystery, is the perfect place to photograph an engagement session. The history, the charm, the people and all of the excitement make the experience unique every time. Every corner you turn brings a whole new adventure, a new inside joke, or a new story, all of which I am so thrilled to capture.
Thank you Megan and Brent for such a great time. Congrats to you both!

Engagement session in New Orleans
Engaged in New Orleans
Creative Engagement session
French Quarter Engagement session
New Orleans Photographers
New Orleans Photographers

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