Chateau Lemoyne wedding – Mandy & Kevin

chateau-lemoyne-weddingMandy and Kevin came all the way from Canada to New Orleans for their wedding celebration. The guys, who had a really stylish look for the big day, had a great time getting ready. They wore fedoras and matching red Chuck Taylors. The ladies had equally as great of a time prepping for the ceremony, fine-tuning all of the details, from makeup to Mandy’s extravagant flowers, to her gorgeous blue shoes, which looked great alongside Kevin’s red sneakers. The ceremony took place at Chateau Lemoyne, which was a perfect venue choice. It was a personal and intimate ceremony, with only the closest of friends and family, who came all the way to New Orleans to be with Mandy and Kevin on their special day. The phrase “Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!” was printed on their customized napkins; a cajun expression that means “let the good times roll!” These folks did not have a problem bringing that message home as the whole wedding took congratulatory shots together after the ceremony, right before embarking on a raucous New Orleans second line through the French Quarter. Parasols held high, Mandy and Kevin led the parade to the sound of hardy cheers and laughter. Following the second line, the reception took place at Oceana Grill. Like their ceremony, Mandy and Kevin’s sit-down reception dinner was just as special and intimate. Heartfelt toasts were given as stories about the couple were told around the table. It was truly a happy and special day.
Congrats, Mandy and Kevin! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!
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Paul Seabrook says:

Great photos, thanks for sharing.

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Fantastic pics x

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Awesome photos x

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Nice!! Great job.

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These are absolutely beautiful. Congrats.

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love. the photos are so great you feel like you’re inside the moment..

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These are fantastic!

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beautiful photos!

Mandy Whiting says:

You’re amazing. It was a pleasure to have you and Sadie capture our wedding. Many many thanks.